> Salon Mentor is a safe, supportive space for salon owners. No negative Nancy's allowed. If you do not show up with respect and kindness we may ask you to leave the group. We will not tolerate criticism of others or negative comments.

> Salon Mentor is for Salon owners with a growth mindset. Those who are ready to look at themselves under a microscope, admit their challenges and be open to learn and implement new ideas. Show up with an open mind and we can help you make some massive changes to your business and your life.

> Our expectation is for you to attend at least one of Lisa’s live Q&A zooms per week. We understand that there will be times where things get in the way and in those instances, the zooms are recorded, but for the most part we expect you to show up. We can’t help you if you don’t show up.

> My support team will check in with you from time to time. It is expected that you respond to their calls and messages and not disappear. We are here to help in your darkest time but we can’t help if you hide.

> Share your wins and challenges in the private FB group so we can celebrate as a team.

So, ready to go?

If you agree and are ready to commit for the next 6 months, then please click on the your preferred currency and it will take you to the payment page. 

USD Pricing Plans
Monthly - $550
Upfront - $2,997

AUD Pricing Plans
Monthly - $835
Upfront - $4,550

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